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About the Orange Penguin Foundation

The Foundation's mission is to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities through modern technologies.

• The Foundation’s Board of Directors is comprised of developers, teachers, parents of children with disabilities and business owners.

• The Foundation believes that any person with special needs must have an access to assistive technology.

• The Foundation partners with assistive and occupational therapists, as well as other teams that work in the field of assistive technology to provide people with special needs with necessary devices, equipment, information and services.

• The Foundation runs different programs to help people with special needs to improve their social, educational, communicational and physical abilities.

• Individual Help is a program designed to identify and provide equipment to match the needs of each individual application received by the Foundation.

• Free Access is a program designed to identify and provide necessary equipment to rehabilitation centers, special educational and other organizations that will use or test equipment under a specialist’s supervision.

• Software Development is an umbrella program, the goal of which is to develop software for people with disabilities and for specialists working with people with disabilities.