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Last week in October


What a week!

Lung ventilator and other equipment finally has been ordered for a 3-year old Ansar from Kazakhstan. His mom and all of us can't wait for the day to come already when this sweet boy is transported to his home. For now he is still at the hospital.

Max Docenko from Ukraine is being released from the hospital- go, Max! He is still to come daily for rehab and treatments but at least he doesn't have to stay at the hospital 24/7. Although his medical bill will be smaller, there is still so much he needs- wheelchair, special bed, plus other specialty assistive devices to make his life at home comfortable. Check out Max visiting with his sister on the photo below. It’s the first time siblings saw each other since the tragic accident last year.

We also got a shout out from another sweet little boy from Novosibirsk, Russia. He is saying "thank you!" for the lung ventilator he received from Orange Penguin early this week.

Please meet our newest little friend: three year old Anastasia who needs an SPIO vest. Anastasia has a spinal muscular atrophy and she needs this vest to ensure her core body and muscles have appropriate support.