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Halloween in a Magical Garden at Prospect Academy


Prospect Academy of Westchester would like to thank everyone who help organizing the Halloween in a Magical Garden at Prospect Academy event which turned out to be a huge success! We would like to express our gratitude to all the teachers and volunteers for the long hours they put into preparing, staging and supervising the event. Our partners - Orange Penguin Foundation for the wonderful work they do, helping children around the world, Sasha Smolina for her beautiful photography, Ms. Rose Coen and Musical Round-Up for the delightful entertainment, Pizza Cucina for the delicious treats, Summerfield Pediatric Dentistry for excellent cleaning kits, our marketing consultant Tatyana Sankova for her expertise and guidance in working with media, to News 12 Westchester for news coverage. Special word of thanks to St. Bartholomew's Church for giving us an opportunity to host this event.

Stay tuned for the next event at Prospect Academy!
Truly yours,
Lada TillmannLena FedorovaElena Paolercio