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Anastasia Lokaychuk Cerebral Palsy 
Anastasia Lokaychuk Cerebral Palsy 
10 years old







Update from June 21, 2017

Both packages have arrived to Anastasia! Her mom's Facebook post is attached.

Помогаторы для Насти Локайчук

Update from June 1st, 2017

See below the invoice that we had paid and now the shipment arrived to us!! The next step is to mail it to Anastasia's mom!!! Back to work, volunteers!!!


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The original post:

Diagnosis: epilepsy, muscle spasm, hydrocephalus, cerebral palsy, tetraporesis, motor and mental skills development. Being a 10 year old child, Anastasia is unable to walk, talk or use her hands. However, she is making incredible progress in controlling her body. In her short life she has been through a lot, including surgical procedures to correct hydrocephalus. In 2013, she has started the program with Institute For The Achieving of Human Potential, PA. It is a lot of work and a great effort both physical and financial to follow the rigor of prescribed development plan. But it's working and we are seeing great results! In just short 3 years Anastasia gained better coordination, reduced number of muscles spasm to practically zero and gained some development milestones. She is trying and wanting to move around more and more now. Anastasia lost her father, and Alina (her mother) is raising her child alone. It is Alina's dream that her daughter becomes more independent and self sufficient person that is able to be part of society.  In order to help Anastasia and her mom to achieve their dream she needs special equipment that will aid in their physical development efforts:

1. Special tomato soft-touch chair size 4

2. Sitter only size 4

3. Bathing chair


Disability card
Birth certificate
Anastasia Lokaychuk's shipment arrived to us on 6:01
Invoice paid
Nastya received the chair, the insert and the