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Ansar Kalel Multiple Disabilities
Ansar Kalel Multiple Disabilities
3 years old







Update from May 2017:

Little Ansar Kalel from Kazakhstan is currently recovering from lung transplant surgery that took place on May 3-d in India. We are praying for quick recovery and positive outcome for this little worrier. The lung ventilator we had purchased for him has been returned and the funds are being kept for future medical equipment he will need to get better.  Dear friends, thank you so much for supporting the kids of the Orange Penguin Foundation!!! Without you - we are nothing. With you - we are everything and together can achieve amazing things!

October 2016:

Dear friends, We are in shock! We are DONE!!! We collected all the money for Ansar!!! This is unbeliavable!!! You are kind, very beautiful people!!! We thank God for all of you!!! Thank you that you are so wonderful!!! Today we cry from joy, tomorrow we will buy all the equipment for Ansar!!! We are DONE!!!

Ребята, я в шоке!!!!! Мы ВСЁЁЁЁЁЁЁ!!!!!! Сбор на ФБ закрыт!!!!!!! Это просто нереально круто!!!!! Нереально нереально нереально круто!!!!!! Какие Вы все прекрасные люди!!!!!! Это невероятно!!! Я благодарю Бога за каждого из вас!!!!! Спасибо вам за то, что вы такие чудесные!!!!! Ну теперь то можно пореветь?!!!!!:)))))

The original post:

Ansar is a three year old boy from Kazakhstan. He urgently needs a medical equipment so that he can breath and live at home with his family. We need to collect $14,700 as quickly as possible to cover the costs of purchasing it. Ansar is diagnosed with: Chronic Bronchiolitis obliterans (BO). Type II and Type III Respiratory Failure. Oxygen-Dependent. Pulmonary Vascular Disease (PVD). Group 3 Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH). Class II Heart Failure. Hypertension-hydrocephalic syndrome. Type 3 Protein–energy malnutrition (PEM). Type 1 Anemia. Tracheostomy.

This is the list of life support equipment Ansar needs at home:

1. Newport Respiratory Ventilator for artificial ventilation of the lungs.  Based on our experience this is the best brand. Russian distributors gave us a quote of 570,000 rubles.  It is approximately $9,000. We believe that it is the most important part of equipment and should be new with warranty. Since this is such a crucial equipment for Ansar’s  breathing we need to have a replacement ventilator to make sure that if the first one malfunctions the parents have the second one handy(+$9,000).

Hooray! We collected the money for the first one and the mother collected the money for the second! Let's see what else.

2. Pulse Oximeter. Another important equipment to monitor Ansar’s life. It should be new and with a warranty. Russian distributors gave us a quote of 19,000 rubles.  It is approximately $300. 

3. Nebulizer as an addition to the lung ventilator is absolutely necessary.  Russian distributers gave us a quote of 135,000 rubles.  It is approximately $2,100. 

5. Special Humidifier  - 130,000 rubles or $2,000 

6. Various medical supplies, such as  filters, cough assists, connectors, etc. They are necessary to provide normal use of the other equipment and the parents need a good supply of it. We estimate its cost as $1,000.

7.Shipment of the oxigen concentrator that we have in stock costs $300.

Total is $14,700.

This is the total of absolutely necessary equipment to allow Ansar to live at home with his parents. Even though we realize that our main goal is to buy the lung ventilator, without additional materials the ventilator will not work.

Thank you for your support - together we save lives!