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DCP Help Foundation
DCP Help Foundation
Zaporojie, Ukraine







Did you know that our foundation helps not only individual children but other foundations as well? DCP Help is one of those organizations. It was founded by Ruslan Vasyutin from Zaporojye region of Ukraine, a parent of a child with cerebral palsy. Ruslan donates his time and money to help all kids with cerebral palsy in his region. Check out the progress he made at this website - www.dcp-help.com.

This is what Ruslan says: "I am a happy family man and father of a child with special needs. Once I felt and clearly understood that my core mission is to make happy my daughter, my family and to help other people who find themselves in the same situation as we are, to be happy. That was the beginning of DCP Help. DCP Help is an international project with main activity aimed to assist practically to inclusion implementation to all spheres of society. We help society, its institutions and individuals to see the interest, joy and even benefit in equal communication with people with special needs. We also help people with special needs to integrate fully to society. Our main tools are PR; informing all participants of inclusive sphere about their rights and opportunities; education and trainings; creating conditions and occasions for full-fledged and interesting communication.Fortunately the number of project adherents is growing! We invite for cooperation volunteers, sponsors, partners; all those who can afford nowadays the luxury of generosity, sanity and mutual understanding!"

In past few years The Orange Penguin Foundation had purchased and shipped 7 boxes of othopedic and communication equipment to Ruslan and his team. You can become a part of our efforts by donating here.