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Letter from Kolya's mother:


We request your help for Domaracky Nikolay Vitalievich (Born 12/18/2015). Diagnosis: cerebral palsy, spastic-dyskinetic form, alternating convergent strabismus, delayed psychomotor development).I am his mother, Anna Vasaravskaya.

On 12/18/2015, as a result of difficult childbirth (strong cord entanglement, emergency cesarean, asphyxia), the child received severe neurological disorders (lack of basic reflexes for the child’s proper development; attention span; hypertonicity of the muscles of the whole body).

In other words, until the disability was established at 8 months, the child did not hold his head, did not look in the face, at the toys, not to mention turning over or sitting around.

Until 1 year, we regularly visited rehabilitation centers of the Republic of Belarus. We turned to the best specialists - neurologists of our country, underwent expensive medication, but the results are minimal. We also contacted charitable foundations, but, unfortunately, they don’t take us, because there are a lot of children with such a diagnosis, but they mainly help children who need surgery. But our child also needs help, like all other children, and we want to do everything possible so that he walks with his own feet, and not spend his whole life in a wheelchair.

At the moment, Nikolai is 3 years old, over the past year we have done a lot (we studied with a rehabilitologist in Kiev, worked with an osteopath and chiropractor, regularly took massage courses). In September 2017, in January, May and October 2018, 4 rehabilitation courses were conducted in the Czech Republic, the city of Teplice, the sanatorium "New" and, additional classes with one of the most highly qualified specialists in Vojta Therapy in the Czech Republic, Mgr. Karina Shaymardanova. This technique gives very good results in the treatment of children with cerebral palsy. However, in our country there are no specialists who know this technique, and we are forced to look for them abroad. As a result, over this year our child learned to hold his head independently, turn, swallow, eat from a spoon, drink from a glass and a tube, lean on outstretched arms in a lap pose, and a desire to crawl appeared. For such a diagnosis, these are very good achievements, and the younger the child, the more effective the rehabilitation and, accordingly, the more chances the child has for a full life.

In the Republic of Belarus, in the center of palliative care in Borovlyany, where it was recommended to purchase such remedies for rehabilitation at home as a special chair for sitting.

At the moment I am raising a child alone and our family does not have sufficient financial means to pay for full rehabilitation courses (the frequency of which is 1 time every 3-4 months). In this connection, I ask you to provide free assistance in raising funds for the purchase of the special chair for my son.

Help my son get a chance to live a full life.