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Rusik Scherbakov - SMA
Rusik Scherbakov - SMA
7 years old
Zaporoje, Ukraine







Update from July 6, 2017

Rusik's mother, Sveta, received the humidifier!!! See the picture below!!! Are we super people, or what?!!!

Rusik with the new humidifier

Update from June 15, 2017

Rusik received the chair and the humidifier is all paid! It will be delivered to Rusik in the beginning of July!

See the picture of Rusik in the chair below.


Update from June 5th, 2017

We just purchased the new bathing chair and got the invoice for the new humidifier. See the pictures below.


Update from June 3rd, 2017

There are no limits to our emotions!!! PEOPLE, you are just wonderful! We LOVE you all! Hooray!!! This fundraiser is closed!!!

Нашим эмоциям нет предела! ЛЮДИ, вы просто обалденно классный народ! Мы вас всех ЛЮБИМ!!! Ура! Сбор закрыт!!! 

Amount of the overage will cover the purchase and the shipment of a new bathing chair that Rusik's mom can use to wash him in the bathtub. 

The original article:

Ruslan was a miracle child to his mother. After 18 years of waiting she finally had a baby boy. He was born full term with no identified health issues. Until the age of 4,5 month he was developing appropriately but then mother noticed a slow delay. Her baby didn’t roll on time, couldn’t sit. The pediatrician wasn’t concerned and the mother started to look for other specialists. At the age of 8 months the boy was disgnosed with SMA. And yet Ruslan appeared to be a regular child just weaker and unable to stand or walk. He was sitting with minimal support, eating, and talking a lot. He was a happy little boy full of excitement and curiosity. When he was 2, he got sick with bronchitis followed by pneumonia. He was in ICU where doctors and nurses had no idea how to help the child with SMA and just gave up on him. The mother was told that he didn’t have any chance. While still at a state hospital care, Ruslan was left without any treatment with his own mom being his only doctor and nurse. But his mother spent days at various government offices to finally get Ruslan transferred to another clinic where he had tracheostomy. Since then Ruslan was hospitalized frequently and was back and forth on BiPap. Recently, the family was able to raise enough money to buy their own BiPap. They are ready to do anything to avoid ICU knowing such a hospital visit would turn into another nightmare. Currently, Ruslan has multiple issues with his tracheostoma, feedings, scoliosis, etc.  Daily supplies for the boy are the family’s daily struggles. With the family scant resources they cannot be sure if tomorrow they will have everything necessary. But Ruslan is home. He is smiling. That’s the most important thing in the world, his mother says.

At this point Rusik Sherbakov needs a new humidifier for his lung ventilator. The old one was discontinued and weekly filters are in short supply. 

Invoice for humidifier for Rusik
Doctor's letter
Rusik in new bathing chair
Rusik with new humidifier